What I Do

I have helped global CxOs in the following areas:

- Decide management re-orgs and team structures

- Improve business outcome focus or just delivery performance

- Plan and implement the transition from projects to digital product teams

- Implement OKRs

- Improve product and program management, work-intake processes

- Improve Architecture Governance

- Improve team motivation, engagement, and cross-silo collaboration

- Reset Culture & Hierarchy

- Improve Knowledge Management

- Improve Time/Calendar management and async collaboration

You might also want to engage me if you are left high and dry after a round of transformation advised by one of the Big 3 management consultancies or their offspring. They are known to be short on the details.

Services by Role

For Business Leaders

In well-established businesses

In startups

For Digital and Technology Leaders

For Software Delivery Leaders

For Non-Profit and Government Leaders

For HR and related Leaders

Improve hiring, retention, and growth of good-quality tech talent by:

For Aspiring Authors

I benefited from the the advice of established authors when I began writing my first book in 2013. If you are an aspiring author looking for guidance, I'm available on some Saturdays for a chat. There is a token fee to make sure you are serious about it. Please make an appointment here.


A list of solutions I have invented in situations where tried-and-tested solutions weren't available or weren't adequate.