How I can Help

Here is a list of areas in which I help clients through deep or quick engagements. I can also deliver short workshops or talks on these topics.

For Business Leaders

In well-established businesses

  • Prove and improve the benefits-performance (a realistic proxy for ROI) of your digital or product portfolios.

  • Deploy an objective and transparent framework for performance-based funding of initiatives.

  • Deal better with B2B or B2C churn.

  • Improve organizational agility.

In startups

  • Enable next stage of growth by taking pre-emptive action on orgdesign and operating model. Avoid growing into silos for product, design, and engineering.

  • Converge faster on product-market-fit without squandering capital.

For Digital and Technology Leaders

  • Transition from Project to Product and make it work effectively for application development or engineering organizations and for infrastructure & operations organizations.

  • Review management structure and their ways of working.

  • Assess and Improve alignment with business.

  • Rebalance outsourcing, use of internal/external shared services.

  • How Chief Digital Officers can gain more than a token seat on the strategy table by progressing from showcasing tech outcomes to demonstrating business impact.

  • Review alignment of enterprise architecture strategy with business strategy.

For Software Delivery Leaders

  • Assess and Improve delivery capability.

  • Help PMOs understand and report flow metrics like Change Lead time and flow-efficiency in order to improve speed-to-market.

  • Review usage of project management and CI/CD toolchain in order to get better value out of them.

For Non-Profit and Government Leaders

  • Introduce agility into your context (Agile outside technology). Determine the right subset of agile ways of working appropriate to your context. Coach key stakeholders on how to support a rollout.

  • Improve collaboration and alignment among teams.

  • Address time and cost overruns of projects.

For HR and related Leaders

Improve hiring, retention, and growth of good-quality tech talent by:

  • Improving your tech recruitment process.

  • Revising your tech job architecture (job families, roles, and levels).

  • Facilitating tech role migrations.

  • Moving to digital-age appropriate hierarchy with Cleararchy.