I (Sriram Narayan) was formerly VP, Transformation Advisory at ThoughtWorks and prior to that, I have been in product, tech, and innovation leadership positions.

Now independent, I help tech and non-tech organizations worldwide overcome some of the challenges of the digital age.

Here is a list of areas in which I help clients through deep or quick engagements.

My Background

I have cross-functional experience of 22 years in a variety of digital, product, and tech roles. Sixteen of those years were at ThoughtWorks in such as VP-Transformation Advisory, Product Principal, Director of Innovation, Head of Technology, and Leadership Coach. I am able to avoid providing impractical, generic, or superficial advice thanks to prior hands-on experience with product development and systems integration as shared below.

I am among the top consultants worldwide in leading and supporting project to product transitions. I also have lots of experience with agile operating models and in improving ways of working in PMO, demand & capacity management, delivery management, product management, and executive decision making.

My first book, Agile IT Org Design, published by Addison-Wesley (a unit of Pearson) in 2015, describes how to improve organizational agility in the digital enterprise. It was later translated to Korean. It continues to be relevant for those in the pursuit of greater organizational and business agility as confirmed by readers here, here, and here, for instance.

Later, I began helping clients move their digital product development organizations away from a project-centric funding and execution model to a more customer and product-centric model. My writings on the topic have become a de-facto industry reference. See this, for example.

Earlier in my career, I worked as an application developer and software architect for ten years including five years of applying Extreme Programming methods such as test-driven development, continuous integration, and pair programming. As a product principal on GoCD, a continuous delivery pipeline tool, I conceptualized, designed, and served as a market-facing product manager for capabilities such as its command repository and its support for polling package repositories.

Endorsements & Testimonials

For my book, Agile IT (R&D) Org Design

Enterprisers Project—a joint initiative of Harvard Business Review and RedHat—featured it as a must-read on the recommendation of John Marcante, CIO of Vanguard—the investment behemoth.

The book was also featured in a digital leaders reading list with a recommendation from Nick Williams, then-Managing Director, Consumer Digital, Lloyds Banking Group.

"If you follow the advice in this book, your organisation will be the better for it. "—Dave Farley, co-author of the original book on Continuous Delivery

"we were inspired in part by *your* book "Matthew Skelton, author of the book, Team Topologies

Sriram’s “Agile IT Org Design” should have been titled “great answers for your unanswered questions”. I can’t stop citing it. Ricard Vilà, Chief Digital Officer, LATAM Airlines

"adds an important team execution business context for architects"Eben Hewitt, Chief Technology Officer, Sabre Hospitality

Here's a fuller list of pre-publication endorsements and selected reviews by readers.


Published by Pearson

Korean Translation

For my experience report on transitioning from project to product (digital product teams)

Atlassian Jira endorses the approach I describe (see tweet)

Featured on HackerNews, run by Paul Graham's YCombinator

"An outstanding, detailed comparison"—John Grosshandler, VMWare (see tweet)

"One of the best articles I've read on large scale product/tech team organization."—Doug Turnbull, Shopify (see tweet)

"You triggered the journey I've been on for many years with your excellent Product Over Projects post."Trond Hjorteland, Scienta (see comment)

"Essential Reading"—Arian Jones, Tasktop (see tweet)