Project to Product

For starters, read the original whitepaper on why it makes sense to move away from projects for funding and organizing digital product development. The paper has become a de-facto industry reference ever since I wrote it in early 2018 based on my experience of helping clients with the transition. For the most up-to-date version of the opportunities and challenges of making this transition, please get in touch.

If you’re already sold on the concept and can’t wait to begin, start by aligning key stakeholders on the measure of success for the transition. If measures of success are agreed, do you have baseline measures and measurement infrastructure in place to track actual benefits? Get in touch for expert assistance.

At the next level of detail, define and align on what a product means in the context of your organization, how to demarcate budgets for such products, and how to delineate areas of ownership for teams. It is crucial to get this right and it easy to assume that you need a team per product that your business sells. Get in touch to set up your transition for success.

If you’re facing challenges midway through the transition, you’re not alone. This is a big change and many organizations have jumped in enthusiastically only to run into new problems. Get in touch to address problems such as:

- Semi-autonomous product teams or squads not collaborating well with each other.

- Challenges in planning and coordinating multi-team initiatives.

- Inability to form end-to-end teams that can cater to all the needs of a product.

- End-to-end teams duplicating efforts.

- Challenges with who does what kind of progress reporting.

- Challenges with people management in the new setup.

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