Progress from tech outcomes to business impact

Have your organization already been through one or more rounds of transformation initiatives without a significant impact on business outcomes? For example, a tech outcome is when an organization deploys AI-based virtual assistants with the aim of reducing call volume in its contact center. But just deploying them is not enough as you'd agree. The virtual assistant team has to demonstrate reduction in call volumes. This doesn't happen in many organizations for reasons other than technology. I have helped out in such cases.

For starters, check out the video (below) of a talk delivered at a conference for ThoughtWorks' clients in 2019. It's about overcoming business inertia in the classic enterprise—a term I use to refer to businesses that were already successful before "digital" became a thing. It describes how your transformation might be delivering tech outcomes and yet be falling short of making an impact on the business. The shortfall is because of over reliance on business cases and a lack of comfort with modern, test-and-learn approaches.

However, these organizations cannot leap from where they are to a routine of hypothesis driven development. It takes time. Companies that weren’t born digital often operate under a regime of heavily-outsourced-tech. They can't simply flip a switch to transition to a mode of Amazon-like, continuous digital evolution. They need to go through intermediate stages of digital maturity as outlined in the talk below.

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