Agile Outside IT

Make your business or non-profit more agile

Agile was born in the house of software development. As it grew and matured, it was welcomed everywhere. As the world keeps changing ever faster, the principle of adapting to change over following a plan becomes essential to success. The original principle of aiming for working software over comprehensive documentation is now understood more broadly as aiming for outcomes and impact over activities and output.

Get in touch for an overview of agile outside the digital world and how you might benefit from agile ways of working.

In my book, I offer some principles for greater organizational and business agility.

  • Govern for value over predictability.

  • Organize for responsiveness over cost-efficiency.

  • Design organizational policies and metrics to be intrinsically rather than extrinsically motivating.

  • Design the work culture for unscripted over scripted collaboration.

I could help you :

  • Translate agile from theory to practice.

  • Adopt agile ways of working where appropriate.

  • Improve metrics that matter.